Foreman - who to drop?

Looking to Stash D’Onta Forman…who should I drop? L. Murray or Buck Allen?

I’m tempted to say neither, but if you’re high on Foreman I’d drop Allen before Murray.

Thoughts on role Foreman would play when he returns? Miller hasn’t been looking good and Foreman was the better back last year. I have Gordon, Conner, Kerryon and Drake. With Bell returning and possibly putting a damper on my RB2 I’m looking to secure a sneaky RB play should Conner lose his role

I don’t mind Foreman, he was great in college. Idk if he was the clear better back last season, I know he had the 2 touchdown game… but at the same time it seems like Lamar Miller has been asking for someone to come in and be just good enough to take his starting job. The only hesitation for me about Foreman is the Achilles injury. Idk what the track record is for guys coming back and returning to form right away.

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I don’t either. Sitting on a 4-0 start and with Gordon, Conner as my RB1/2 I need to find a sleeper to fill Conner’s role should Bell return and take over. I have Kerryon, Drake and L. Murray waiting to see how the season plays out for them.

Is Cook hurt again? I would keep Murray for sure if he is. Buck Allen is good to have but the timeshare in Baltimore with Collins won’t change for the entire season as long as they are both healthy.

I don’t know much about Foreman though - but I did just pick him up in my league too. Is he a speedster big play guy?

Yep Cook is still hurt. He is likely going to try to play through it, but I agree Murray is probably a must hold right now. I’d also hold onto Buck over Foreman.

Must not be at 235 lbs…

Yeah Foreman doesn’t look like a super star or anything judging by last season although pretty consistent at least around 4 YPC.

I like Foreman as a stash, better pass catcher and was more impressive when in the lineup. But don’t drop Buck Allen and Murray.

Foreman could be okay but I remember seeing/hearing something recently that players almost never come back the same after an achilles injury. Buck Allen is someone I am high on, the offense is moving the ball, the defense is for real and getting better as the season progresses. Alex Collins fumbled on the goaline this week too. I wouldn’t drop either players for Foreman.

I was looking into picking him up myself a week or two ago, but the news wasn’t encouraging.