Forget the rams, I’m done!

Goff sucked it up again! If by some miracle I make it past this week his ass is going to the waiver wire. I don’t even want him on my bench. It’s Russell the love muscle time!

I had woods and all i was asking for was OT. i’m not a greedy person, he didnt need to get a 30yrd catch and run TD when they were at the 30. (however he had 0 coverage on him and a clear path to the endzone on that play, the one where gurley screwed them by not going OB)

But what pissed me off was the fact Reynolds had stiff coverage on him every redzone play. He kept throwing to him and missing by a mile. Like if its not working why do it?!

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I kept wondering the same, Goff kept going to Reynolds like he was the only one out there. I get the matchup may be positive but after it hasn’t worked the last 10 time you have to try something else

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Well on that first FG they literally ran the same corner route 3 times, each time he threw to reynolds who have to make a catch on his toes to stay in bounds. Mcvay has either gotten way to cocky and ahead of himself with his play calling, or just lost his mind

I HEAR YA MY FRIEND!!! Got Russell, Gurley, Dav Adams, Evans…and yeah FAIRBAIRN!!! Also got Chubb, A Jones and Brate.


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Gurley did me well today and I picked up Kelly Saturday just in case. The news today that Justin Davis is dealing with a shoulder injury just further cemented that move. Cooks did enough for me to be okay I think.

With no playoffs, I won’t know where I stand until after the Monday night game. Three teams are 10-4, two are 9-5 and one is 8-6 with this week and two more left. I’m 10-4 and playing one of the 9-5 teams. The other two 10-4 teams and the other 9-5 team are playing lesser opponents but having a rough time of it. The 8-6 team will probably win.

-I’m in 1st on points and up 50 against 5th place team’s CMC (full pt ppr with tiers bonus system. CMC has hit 50 this season at least once)

2nd place is down 35 + DJ Moore’s points but has yet to play Brees and Lutz

3rd place is in a deadlock but has Samuel + Kamara against his Cam. He is probably going to win, especially since this is a team that has mostly given up. His two RBs on his bench played Thurs-Sat so when McCoy was ruled out he just took the zero instead of making another move since we pay per move (something I want to change next year with a move to FAAB)

4th place is a game back and getting blown out. He started Miller and Allen and got .8 between them due to injury. He ran into the Hopkins and Mack buzz saws this week.

5th place is a game back against me (above)

6th place is 2 back and going to win basically because he is facing the worse team in the league and they have given up. He’s up 3 and has Thomas yet to play. They have Henry on their bench even after his blow up performance.