Format changes

Our league has recently switched from standard scoring to half ppr (easy enough), but the kicker is they have added and IDP. How and where should I start looking for that information? Any advice on about what round should I start to look is much appreciated.

Is it a single IDP? If so LB (and maybe Safety) are the players you should be looking at since they rack up tackles. Aaron Donald and Watt had awesome seasons and would have been roughly 50th (100 total points) behind LBs and Safeties in total points on standard IDP scoring

While sacks are great for an actual defense you need so many to keep up with a LB who gets 6-10 tackles a game.

Stay away from CB’s especially the big names, they are so good the ball doesn’t come their way, so while they might have greatly affect the actual game, they are bad for IDP fantasy.

Watch preseaon reports and depth charts and find out who’s gonna be in the middle getting those tackles.

Darius Lenonard absolutely demolished last year, (160 Pts) he was picked up on waivers in my IDP league after the season started, same with Vander Lesch.

If it’s a single IDP, i wouldn’t draft until near the end of draft, probably wouldn’t even if it’s 1 at each group (DL, LB, DB)