Former Hunter Henry Owner. Need TE Advice

I dropped Henry for Jordan Reed who is now out. Vance McDonald was dropped and I have a claim of $10 on him. Bid more or less? I have $87 and the next best option is Doyle or Vernon. No real long term solutions but Vance

I’d bid more. He’s a solid TE. After that it looks like it’s a wasteland. Unless you can trade for one.

Was offered Hock/Jared Cook + Lockett for my Josh Gordon. I feel like I should pull the trigger but Lockett was targeted twice and not until the 4th. Hock is unproven and cook was hardly used when brees was forced to throw

I would take that in a heartbeat. Especially since Brown is cleared to play (who knows for how long), but as long as he is playing Gordon’s value is less.

Will Lockett actually be reliable tho? It already seems like Wilson prefers DK and Lockett is a strictly boom or bust. As in 0 points bust. My WRs are terrible strong with Julio Cooks Gordon and Desean (we will see how well he continues to do with Wentz)

Aren’t* terrible strong

You can’t base everything off one week. He prefers DK because he targeted DK more one week? Lockett had an entire good season with Wilson last year. I take a lot more stock in that than 1 week. Many of the receivers you have right now are boom or bust, actually I’d consider 2 if not 3 of them boom or bust. Lockett to me is more reliable than Gordon and Jackson. Cooks is somewhat boom or bust to me as well (see last week), but has a bit more consistency.

Daaaang son

I would take Hock and lockett for gordon in a heartbeat. Otherwise, I would get Vernon davis for this week and until reed is healthy and then roll with reed. I don’t think vance is worth more than $10.