Fornette Trade Help Plz

Should I trade Royce Freeman and Landry for Fornette?
Dynasty 1\2 point ppr

other RB’s
Delvan Cook
K Johnson
Aaron Jones
Jordan Howard
Jerrick Mckinnon
Ito Smith
T Cannon, E Mc Guire
Josh Adams
royce Freeman
Kallen Ballage

Hopkins, Landry Mike Williams, Dj Moore, David Moore, Cortland Sutton

Seems like a steal on paper with lindsay looking like he’s going no where and landry being on the browns and all, all comes down to fournettes health which is proving to be a real concern.

Right thats where I’m at on it

I also have the Melvin Gordon Owner close with Howard and Landry for Melvin

plus you have a ton of depth at running back maybe you should try to get a receiver
or maybe do the trade and try to flip fournette for a top receiver. With depth like that you can really make some nice trades i believe

oh well thats a no brainer

Melvin gordon is a league winner this year… id do that trade

Gordon owner is close but not all the way in, what else could I throw in form my bench?

I indeed have melvin gordon and i am indeed not a league winner sadly lol

see if he bites at one of the jets running backs lol or ito smith

He has Crowell so that was my thought

Thank you guys so much, just wanted to make sure I was not giving up to much.

I took your advise and just traded Jordan Howard for Mike Williams for Julio Jones

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um wow thats thievery good for you man!

He is 0-7 and has all his players on bye, he was starting Alfred Blue and Derrick Henry at RB, I do feel a little bad as he is a good guy. I was so focused on RB’s that I had not considered looking at his situation. Thanks again.

and its a dynasty league damn thats amazing and anytime man