Forte over Ivory? 12 man Standard

I have Fournette and have him handcuffed with Ivory. Someone dropped Forte to the waiver. Should I drop Ivory to grab Forte? Then hope Ivory is there on waivers next when I can drop my streaming TE?

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I’m doing the exact same thing with Fournette/Ivory. I don’t think non-fournette owners will add him off waivers coming off his bye with Fournette healthy. I did it with Phillip Rivers, but if you see Forte as worth it especially if you need immediate RB help do it. Personally I don’t like Forte as a depth pickup I would only add him if you NEED him

The problem in my league every one has someone elses handcuffs for RBs. I am about 80% he would get snagged.

Ah I see. If you’re 80% sure he gets snagged then I would play it safe and keep Ivory