Forums Locked?

I’m not able to post a new topic under any of the forum topics besides General Fantasy Football Talk. Are the other topics locked for some reason? Or is it just my account?

For example, I am trying to post in the #footclan-community start/sit forums with a question but I am unable to post a topic there right now

edit: I have the ‘Basic’ and ‘Member’ badges, do I need to wait for another badge before I can post in a forum other than General Fantasy Football Talk?

You have to be a footclan member to post in those. I am having issues getting into them today though and I am a member. I haven’t been on the forums for like 9 months so I didn’t know if it was just my computer or a system issue.

I am a footclan and patreon member, and I linked my forum account to my patreon as well.

Maybe it’s a system issue and they’re just having a problem with those forums today

Same, I can view the forums but I can’t post in them. I also couldn’t use the four player start/sit tool the other day; and it still tells me to log in/link my accounts even though I’ve done it.