Founette for L. Bell?

Worth the risk? Standard scoring

I get Bell.
I also have these RBs if it factors in to a decision
M. Gordan
M. Lynch
K. Johnson.
A. Jones
L. Murray

Be warned. Apparently Bell’s agent was on NFL radio today and he suggested that his client may be out until week 10 in order to preserve his body for next year’s payday. I don’t have a source other than some comment on the PFT boards. Heads up nonetheless. The deal sound tempting but some bell owners are going to start panicking soon. This trade offer might be the tip of the iceberg.

I would try to get Fournette + a WR but I would move fast. Once news hits that Bell is not going to play for a bit you will be SOL. Even if Bell does play, he will not make an impact until week 4 or 5. Thats 4 games you could have started fournette. Gordon would be worth it too

Wow. Did not know that. Thanks

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If I read his post correctly, he’s giving up Fournette to get Bell.

Yeah. I just squashed negotiations. Thanks for potentially saving my season

No problem mate but keep in mind the situation is fluid and can turn out any number of ways. I wouldn’t rule out targeting Bell but Fournette is too beastly a price based on what the situation is today. GL.