Fourm help?

Hey everyone.

Is anyone else having the issue where you can’t reply to certain topics in certain forums?

I can also only make a post in general fantasy football talk.

I e-mailed the guys asking this question about 3 days ago, no response.


I am new to the forum too (although I’ve been listeneing to the podcast for a long time) but I think you only get all the forums (or the ability to reply in them, anyways) if you’re a Foot Clan member.

@ryan_reitsma I am a Foot Clan member. Account linked and all that good stuff.

Oh, weird, in that case, I have no idea!

I am new to the forums but not the show and have been having the same problem. I can only reply to the general FF talk topic and the podcast topic. All others I am not able to write in. I really want to reply to some of the commish questions but am not able to which stinks. Im not gonna pay $ per month just to do that though

@morestagedives Hey there Chris. So sorry to hear you’re dealing with this! Not sure why it won’t work since you have your Patreon account linked up. I wish I could fix this for you but we’ll have to wait till Andy is back in action here on Monday. Will talk to him then and follow up with you. Stay tuned! Thanks!


Awesome. Thanks Brook. Much appreciated.

Was that Brooks responding, or Paul Giamatti playing the role of “Brooks”?

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I am having the same issue. I wish to join a league but I can not reply.

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Hey all,

Wanted to hop into this thread real quick and give some tips and hopefully get everyone up and running.

Make sure your account here and the one on Patreon use the same email address. That’s crucial to being able to link the two.

On the Footballers main website got to the account page and make sure you’ve clicked “Connect with Patreon” to link the two.

Random but I’ve seen a few instances where people created two accounts on the main website and were using one that wasn’t connected to their Patreon account.

We also had a small issue on the back end that we’ve since fixed so hopefully this resolved any other issues. If you still are having issues posting/linking your Patreon and main website accounts please let me know and we’ll get you fixed up. You can contact me directly HERE

Hope that helps!

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thats the thing. I too have the same issue. Im a member who’s purchased the UDK. I have a Patreon account using the same email address. I can view the footclan leagues I just cant make post or replies in that category.

Final update on this:

Turns out there was an issue with Patreon’s API that they have since fixed. (This just got fixed this weekend) so if you were having issues before they should all be fixed. Please rech out to me if you are still having issues connecting your accounts.


I’m actually having this problem too. Can reply to certain topics, but not others. Just joined on Patreon and followed the steps above to make sure my account was linked. is Patreon still having problems, or is it me?

I tried to link my Patreon account and it just keeps loading me back into the forums and will not let me post other than to General.

Same here… very frustrating

We’ll look into this again. It’s been several months since Patreon was having problems with their plugin and they might be having new problems again. Sorry for those it’s affecting!

Mine seems to be working now. Thanks Jason!

Mine is struggling. any suggestions? Tried to link accounts several times.

Having the same problem…same email…been linked before and posted to all categories…trying to fill orpans for this year and having problems…no problems posting to footclan leagues last year…just can’t now…any help is appreciated!

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I am currently having this same problem. Can someone help me with this? Is there a setting I need to change? I paid to be a patreon member for the specific ability to create and reply to threads.