Fournette advice

Would you trade away Fournette for Ingram? Standard league, 2-2 record, thin at RB. Also comment some other possible trade targets. Thanks!

I like Ingram but maybe see if he’d give up another piece. IMO sell Fournette high though if you have the chance. I wouldn’t want him on my team personally

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Would you do OBJ and michel for Diggs and fournette?

I made that exact trade yesterday in a standard league.

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who you talking too?

@d3nali85 was responding to the original post.

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No I wouldn’t. Lol

How do you feel about it? I just feel like it might come back to haunt me in three weeks if Fournette gets healthy and he ends up finishing the season.

At first I felt that I may have jumped the gun…but I’m 1-3. I spoke with a couple of orthopaedic colleagues and they think its a bad sign that he got shut down so quickly again. They suspect it will be an issue that lingers throughout the season.

Hey. I’m 0 n 4 and the best I can get is Aaron Jones. Thoughts?
Ps I’d take Ingram in a second.
I’m in rage trade mode.

I’m 2-2, trying to see if I could survive but by starting rbs are Kerryon and Collins. I could however trade away a receiver ( I have Michael Thomas, Landry, Davis, Sanders, Enunwa) with Fournette but nobody wants him. So I might take the Ingram trade

I feel like you can get more than Jones, I would shoot for a guaranteed RB2 (Ingram, Lynch, etc) first and then lower my standards if they reject. Also target the winning teams cause they can afford to wait for Fournette

i have the same issue. People avoiding fournette like the plague. Only choice i have is ride him out. and pray when he comes back he will be healthy and that you are in playoff hunt