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Fournette an RB1?


The Ballers have him as the 18 RB off the board, and ADP has him as the 20th pick overall.

Upfront, I am on the soap box because I don’t believe in Fournette at this value.

  • He is a bell cow: I know he was taken in the first few picks, but we have no guarantee that he won’t split time with Yeldon/Ivory. In fact Ivory has shown real talent in years past. All it takes is a good preseason to move to an RBC.
  • He will get 200+ carries: No Jax RB has had over 182 in the past 3 years.
  • He is a transcendent talent: Yeah maybe, but so was Ingram, Richardson, and others who disappointed in their 1st NFL season.
  • Jacksonville’s offense will be a lot better: The O-line was ranked 22nd last season, and I know they have made moves. I think ProFootball Focus predicts they will finish 13th. They aren’t very deep however, one injury and they are back to 22nd. BB the QB could improve, but I want to see it before I risk that high a draft pick.

Conclusion: I am not taking him before I see more out of training camp and preseason game 3. Those who have their drafts prior are taking a large risk in my opinion.

Let me know your thoughts?