Fournette and Yeldon for CMC

I’m the fournette and yeldon owner and I’m struggling in RB as I also own Jordan Howard.
Would I be selling Fournette and Yeldon at a fair price for CMC?

I say absolutely yes. C Mac is printing money right now and you need both fournette and yeldon to make a single consistent back. Frankly, though, if you offered that to me I wouldn’t take it, since there’s not enough upside. You’d likely need to add in some more value to make the trade go.

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This is the easiest trade of my life. Good luck finding someone willing to give you CMC for that. Would get a quick reject from me as a CMC owner without much need for conversation.


What if I offered the same trade for mixon?

As a mixon owner, I’d also pass.

The only problem with adding more value to this trade is that we only have 11 roster spots…
7 playing including def and kicker and that leaves 4 on the bench

You won’t get any RB1 tier player for basically Yeldon. Fournette has shown staying healthy is not something he can do this year.

At this point, I would just live with Yeldon, he has a GREAT matchup against a Chiefs team that can not tackle anyone right now. Should be a great sell high opportunity after that game.

I’m trying to get rid of fournette and Howard at all costs… I guess I just need to find the right owner… I traded Ajayi and Kupp for fournette after week one and thought I got a steal.

At the time, it was a steal. But then he got hamstring injury. Hamstring injuries suck.