Fournette and yeldon for Thielen?

I’d be trading fournette and yeldon for Thielen…
That would leave me with Howard, A. Jones, and R. Freeman at RB. With AB, Tyreek Hill, and Thielen at WR. This is a 11 player roster. If you were a Thielen owner would you accept this trade? Or am I giving up too much for Thielen?

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I might consider adding Howard and including Michel off of his bench.

if u have been winnign with our fournette i would say do it. theilin and tyreek are a god combo how much do u trust ur RBS and how much do u want to deal with Jax backfeild

I fully trust A. Jones as long as he’s healthy and R. freeman has a solid floor. I just see a massive potential in AB, Thielan, and Hill. My current record is 2-2

I like that WR trio a lot, you will win a lot of weeks with those. I’d rather choose start/sit for Jones and Freeman than wait for Fournette to come back and then Yeldon lose most-all value