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Fournette dropped in my league


Hi Everyone

As the title says, Fournette was dropped in my league a few hours ago. Should I make a waiver claim on him? We don’t have FAAB so it would just be a standard claim.

It is a standard league and I need to play 2xRBs and 3xWRs. We have 6 bench spots. I am thinking of dropping OJ Howard. My current lineup is:

QB: Rivers
RBs: McCaffrey, Lynch, Ajayi, K Johnson, Powell
WRs: Hopkins, Baldwin, Sanders, Cooper, K Cole
TEs: Howard, Njoku

Thanks a million


Yes pick him up. Look at his playoff stretch pretty good matchups.


Absolutely pick him up. If he can get and stay healthy he’ll can be a solid RB. And you’re not losing a lot by dropping Howard.


Yup. btw, Winston likes Bate more than Howard, so dropping him may make sense anyway.


Thanks guys. Appreciate it