Fournette/Evans trade

I got offered Fournette for Evans in a 12 team 1/2 ppr league. Would you make that change. I know Evans will get better but I really need depth so that’s why I’m considering it.

It depends on your roster. If you are super deep at WR then maybe, but I also think Evans will have a good week so maybe wait and trade him then for someone better. Fournette does not look that good so far this year. IDK if you saw the titans game but he had negative yards per carry until a 69 yd run

All good points. I’ll still have Evans for this week and I know he is gonna get better for fantasy. I just need some rb, that’s the major reason I’m considering it. I just don’t want to make a lopsided trade just to get rb depth

It is pretty even, but I would go for another RB and maybe do a 2 for 1

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