Fournette for Bell?

I was offered a trade, Bell for Fournette. On the fence. On one hand I want to do it because Fournette is hurt already, and feel like I will have to deal with injuries with him all year long. I also think when Bell comes back he will be a top 5 RB like always. On the other hand, who the hell knows when Bell will come back, if he doesn’t come back till week 10 I could be flushing my whole season down the toilet. I also think that if Fournette stays somewhat healthy, he will be a beast in most games he plays.

I also have McCaffrey, Ingram and Buck Allen. Not too worried about this week, as I don’t really want to start Fournette anyway. Will either grab someone off waivers or take a shot on Allen tonight with Dixon being placed on the IR.

That’s tough because your RBs are thin until Ingram comes back with Bell being out too. I’ve heard some noise that Bell might be back at the end of September. It all comes down to how long you think Bell will be out and how much of a risk taker you are. If you take it and Bell comes back you’ve upgraded. If he stays away you’ve lost big time. I think the risk is bigger than the reward personally.

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I offered Fournette for Bell. I guess I like the gamble. I have Gordon, cmc, shady, royce and Alf at RB so i feel like i will survive. I also got yeldon. Getting Bell is just too tempting for me.

Must be nice to not play in a 14 team league, lol