Fournette for Boyd/D. Freeman Trade

I am offering Boyd and D. Freeman for Fournette…but he wants Ridley and Freeman for Fournette. Do you like either trade? I believe Freeman is in a better offense but Fournette is being consistent in scoring. I dont want to give up Ridley because I hate having Boyd…very inconsistent play in Cincy.

This is a standard format league. This is my team as it is currently constructed. Give me your opinions of the trade offers

help please

Since it’s standard I’d do the Boyd trade, but Fournette isn’t enough of an upgrade on Freeman to part with Ridley

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I would do Ridley and Freeman. Idk but I see Fournette as a massive upgrade over Freeman. Especially in standard. Grab a big play guy for this week at WR and watch Fournette get the volume of a top RB.

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Im really hoping D. Jackson comes in and lights it up…doesnt have to be a top 10 WR just would like for him to be a strong WR2

I going to make the trade of Freeman and Ridley for Fornette. I see him as being a big upgrade to Freeman because we don’t score any PPR points and Fornette at least gets some positive yards.

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