Fournette for carson or connor?

Need some advise.

Should i trade Fournette for carson or connor?
Carson owner is offering Fournette and chris thompson for carson and penny
Or james connor for Fournette straight up?

1/2 PPR league

oooooohhhhh the Fournette VS Conner is a tricky one matter of Opinion… I think Conner is more versatile but the outlook for the Jags while it isn’t great it might just be better than Pittsburgh but its a young season. But again opinion some people will say COnner others will go Fournette… I would go for the Carson Penny Trade though the Seahawks have russ Wilson and like to run the ball…

I have been leaning towards carson/penny. I need a win this week but carson and connor both have great match ups and I also like connors upcoming matchups. I Just find it hard to trust connor but it could be a headache every week trying to figure out who to start out of carson/penny.

Rather have Fournette… be patient

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What is your reasoning behind keeping Fournette?

Would you 100% trade Fournette? I just made a trade for him with no intentions on keeping him. I traded jacobs and mclauren for Fournette and Godwin.

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What HE said

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So you guys keep Fournette.

I wouldn’t
I would go after Carson
Conner if you don’t feel that Carson has a firm grip on starting spot after fumbles

I think you and I agree on carson. I get carson and penny. Im guaranteed a number 1 back on a run heavy offense

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The guy who offerend connor also said he would trade aaron jones and david montgomery for fournette.

I already have 2 packers. adams and rodgers.

do it then flip aaron jones if possible

Why would you trade a super high pedigree Fournette that’s bee slightly disappointing but was inches away from not being twice last week for a more disappointing RB with much less pedigree in Conner or a dude that’s on the verge of losing his job in Carson?

Makes no sense… be patient

Pedigree Schmedigree LOL