Fournette for Coleman and Cooks?

Just got offered Coleman and Cooks for the just-released Fournette. I don’t really see Fournette landing somewhere with the opportunity for as much volume as Jacksonville. I’m leaning towards accepting the trade. Thoughts???

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redraft or dynasty? Do you need wr help? I think I’d rather have Cooks and Coleman in redraft but in dynasty I’d hold tight, people forget that Fournette is only 25 and there are a ton of free agent running backs next year.

It’s a redraft. I have McLaurin, Chark, and Hilton as my top WRs.

who are your rbs?

Sanders, Gordon, and Hunt

With your current WR and RB core, I would for sure in redraft

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Take that 1000%

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Even with the recent signing in TB I still do not mind this trade.

I would honestly hold off on this. Cooks would be your WR4 and Coleman is no kind of upgrade on Fournette in my opinion. And honestly Fournett’s upside is probably higher right now. I think you are giving up a RB seemingly had a lot talent coming into the league and putting him in by far the best offense he’s ever been a part of. We know who Coleman is at this point. Cooks may be better with Houston, but again he is your WR4 based on the other three you have.