Fournette for Hopkins?

My team is stacked at running back but very thin at receiver. Would you trade fournette for Hopkins? The guy I’m trading with is staked at receiver and thin at RB so trade would help both teams.


What does the rest of your roster look like?

QB- Rodgers
RB- Fournette
RB- Elliott
WR- A Robinson
WR- Thielen
WR-M Williams
TE- J Cook
Flex- D Cook
DEF- Houston
K- Boswell

Bench-Crabtree WR
Bench- J Nelson WR
Bench- J Conner RB
Bench- Njoku TE
Bench- C Sutton WR

I would trade fournette for Hopkins in a heart beat. Hopkins is above him tier wise for me. With the injury concerns going forward, makes the trade even easier.

If you can convince him of this trade, definitely do it. Personally if you came to me offering fournette for hopkins, I’d laugh.

I’d pull the trigger on that quick.

seeing your lineup I agree, you have two other elite RB options but Theilen is your best receiver. I definitely feel like this improves your team

So I’ll agree with everyone else & say I’d take Hopkins for Fournette, especially since you’re starting 3 WRs and a flex.

The only point I can pull out to play devil’s advocate is that once your trade goes through you’re looking at Zeke, Dalvin, & Conner as your entire RB core going forward. Not saying to anticipate injuries, but if Zeke or Dalvin goes down, you might be scrambling. Might wanna drop a TE pick up Rod Smith or Lat Murray as a handcuff. I know it’s a small bench, but that’s probably how I’d approach it.

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