Fournette for hunt?

Got offered fournette for Kareem hunt. Should i take it or not? Who do you think looks better rest of season?

I think I’d do it. Jacksonville is playing well and I can’t see them getting too far away from the run game so Fournette seems pretty solid rest of season.

In a vacuum I think I would take it, but I would try and get a little more out of a name like Kareem hunt (like adding another piece to the trade)

I’m a Hunt owner so I may be biased but I really think (and hoping!) that during their bye week KC really evaluated what they’ve been doing wrong the last few weeks and realize they have to go back to Hunt being a major part of the offense. I think Fournette is going to be reliable but his injuries just scare me. He’s always had problems and has had a problem this year already.

I dont think I do it. Hunt is still a reliable option. The touches are still there. I think they’re both valued around the same except that Fournette now has injury risk where as Hunt does not.

Thank you everyone for your input. I forgot to mention that it’s a full point ppr league also.

Hunt has easier schedule rest of the way would probably hold