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Fournette for Jordy


I need RB help… A buddy has Fournette and he’s willing to trade him to me for Jordy. Should i take it?

RB - Ajayi, Cohen, and Crowell
WR- M Evans, Jordy, DT, Tate, Funchess, Hurns and Kearse

Please keep in mind this rb depth is by design to this point. I just cut J Stew and traded for Evans using Fitz and D Murray.


I would do that, Fournette provides you with a solid start at RB every week and you seem to have quality depth at WR (great trade btw)


You have plenty of WR, maybe try to get something more always be greedy in trades lol


That would be a great trade, Fournette can be an anchor for your RB core and you have enough WR options to not lose too much from it


Yeah i was wanting to do it as well I just wanted some other opinions. joebro3333 who would you go after if not Fournette? Keep in mind the Fournette owner also has Hunt, Gurley and Martin