Fournette for Melvin Gordon?

In full PPR I’m being offered Melvin, Chris Carson, and Delanie Walker for my Fournette, Royce Freeman and Jordan Reed.

My other backs are Collins, Ajayi, J Williams from GB, and other TE is Vernon Davis.

Should I make the trade? Given Fournettes and Reed injury risk?

Walker is currently injured but he’s a reliable TE.


File this under “interesting trade that could work out for both teams.”

Edit: file this under “always remember, the guy who offers the trade usually doesn’t have a fair trade in mind.”

Obviously, Carson’s the weak link in this trade, and you may have some buyer’s remorse after you look at your whole roster with the new group of three you’re acquiring.

So before you decide to say yes or no to this trade, write out your roster both ways and see which team you like better. I know that sounds simplistic, but sometimes, just seeing it in front of you helps you figure it out. I don’t think you’ll like seeing that RB stable with Carson in there instead of Freeman.

I mean, I like Gordon better than Fournette, esp. in PPR formats, but I like the combo of fournette and freeman much better than the combo of Gordon and Carson. The TEs are a wash; Delanie has a higher floor than Reed, but Reed has a higher ceiling.

He’s clearly reaching for his worst bench RB for the second RB he’s offering you, but he’s not asking for your worst RB.

So I’d either ask him for something better than Carson (who does he have on his team that was drafted around the time Freeman was?), or I would tell him you’ll do the deal, but he can have Fournette, Williams, and Jordan instead.


Do not take that trade. Roll the dice. Win the championship.

I’d keep what you got

Nah don’t do it.

If by some miracle reed stays healthy its a bad trade. Alex smith will feed him.

We made a trade, but we agreed on Collins instead of Royce Freeman.