Fournette, Freeman Trade

I am the owner of Fournette and Devonta Freeman(unfortunately) in a 12 team half PPR league. My other RB’s are Sony Michel, Dion Lewis, Bilal Powell, and Corey Clement. Im 2-2 even without those guys. In my two wins ive put up over 140 points and even a 95 point loss without them so I think my team is doing its best to weather the storm so to say.

My question is: do you think I could get Marshawn Lynch for either one of those guys straight up? And do you think the Marshawn owner would go for it? Should I try to trade Fournettee or Freeman who may be back sooner?

I bet it’s feasible to get Lynch straight up for either one of them.

I think Fournette’s trade value probably won’t do him justice unless it’s to a 4-0 type of team that can afford waiting on him to recover.

Freeman I honestly wouldn’t give up for Lynch if you had that chance this week, assuming he makes it to Sunday with no setbacks. If he’s healthy in this Falcons offense, and very favorable Falcons schedule, he could be primed for a big ROS. Especially with TD’s actually. The Falcons are dying to have someone truck their way into the endzone from inside the 5, and Freeman is the guy who has done that for them for years now.

This could easily begin with the Steelers after a 50 yard catch from Julio where he lets himself get tackled at the 0.5 yard line just to irritate his fantasy owners.

I don’t know if I’d trade. Sony Michel is coming on and Dion Lewis could hold you down till one of those two comes back. But if you wanted to Fournette + a WR2 could net you Lynch depending on the other team’s needs

Yeah idk if I will trade either. Im hoping Freeman comes back this week or at the very least participates more in practice than the week before. I really just need one of them to come back healthy and I think my team will be okay while waiting on the other. I like Lewis especially now that Mariota is going to be back.