Fournette, Gordon, Mack owner here


I have Jones and need to pick up one more RB in case Mack isn’t able to go. Who do I pick up? Standard scoring.

RBs available on waivers: Martin vs KC, Hyde vs Ind, Hines and Wilkins @Jax, Riddick vs LAR

31 FAB still available.

I actually like Riddick vs LAR. They are going to have to be throwing and he is the pass catching option. Next, i’d go Hyde vs Ind. I think Richard will be the more likely producer against KC as the Raiders will be down and chasing most of the game and i don’t like Ind RB’s vs Jax defense at all…


I do have Richard on my team but am reluctant to play him. His usage is absurdly low. Should I stick with him and just hope and pray that Mack is able to go?

It looks like you have a decent amount of faab, Hines would be a good pick up. I don’t trust any Raider by now personally. Even if Mack plays Hines should get decent usage, and he’s a good handcuff. I have Gordon and Mack as well -_- Kept Ekeler all year, picked up Wilkins on Sunday(Hines is rostered).

At this point anybody on the Colts can score, Jack Doyle is out for the season as well. If I win my week I get a bye, im willing to play Wilkins if need be, even in a must win week. Its that or Royce Freeman against CIN which could be a better choice. Injuries stink!!

Riddick is a good play if Kerryon is still out but that offense is not doing well right now. I totally see why people would play him, wouldn’t be my choice though. Blount was vintage Blount, even Zenner got some work Sunday. You atleast have decent options considering your situation. There is nothing on the waiver wire in my league. Good luck this week.

is there any consideration to picking up and starting Blount this week?