fournette/Gronk trade?

I am in need of RBs. someone offered me Fournette and kittles for my Gronk and ekler.

Is this trade fair? it is FULL PPR

I wouldn’t trade away Gronk for Fournette in full PPR, especially with Fournette knicked up already. The other two pieces in the trade don’t matter much. Kittle is probably a TE1 ROS but Gronk is likely THE TE1 ROS (maybe Kelce). Ekeler is interesting, and a nice PPR depth RB. If you want RB help and are willing to trade away Gronk, so a heat check on the Kelce and Ertz owners and see if you can get an Ertz or Kelce + RB2 for Gronk or try a more PPR friendly RB for Gronk.
Perhaps check in with the Ingram owner to see if they will give you a nice package including Ingram for Gronk, Ingram will be a beast once off suspension, I bet he averages a TD per game ROS. Have you seen how many times the Saints have been on the 1 or 2 yard line so far this season?!

I personally like this trade, except the person is trying to sell high on Kittles thinking his value his dropped significantly because of Jimmy G. He may well be right about that, but I still like this. Worth the risk to me if you are really in need of RB.

i’m a hard pass on this trade, i want more for gronk ESPECIALLY with the state of the TEs right now i think you should keep gronk or wait for his inevitable blow up game and then move him and you can get fournette, kittle, and another good piece. im not convinced on kittle like the rest of the ffb world, and despite being best buds with bethard it still worries me a lot without jimmy g