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Fournette in the 2nd?


In the second round, 20th overall, I can a see a very likely possibility that Fournette is the best player left on my big board. About 5 players in the top 30 are keepers. It’s a competitive 14 team PPR league.

How nervous should I be?


As much as I love Fournette, grabbing him in the 2nd round is a big risk. At best he has a great year and you get 2nd round vale out of him. At worst you spend a highly valuable 2nd round pick for a guy that could finish as a low end RB2 or RB3. I just think his risk factor is high to spend a 2nd round pick on.


I definitely agree with the risk, I just run out of names of RBs I’d rather have over him. Would you take Hopkins, DT or Allen Robinson over him?


How does your keeper league work? You said 5 are keepers, what do you mean? Is this a brand new keeper league or are you able to keep some players this time around?


Our keeper rules are you can keep a player for up to 3 years if he was drafted after the 5 round. Every year the draft position counts 2 rounds earlier than the year prior.

David Johnson, Odell Beckham jr., Jordan Howard, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Baldwin and Michael Thomas are the top keepers I was referring to.


I’m good with Fournette in that spot. I think the passing game will be better due to the better running in Jacksonville which will complement each other and put them back to the 2015 team we thought they would be last year.


Bortles problem was accuracy even uncontested. The running game shouldn’t help that, but will more likely limit the amount of times Blake throws.

Especially in a keeper league, I wouldn’t take a WR over Fournette due to position scarcity.

Fournette will start the season splitting 1st and 2nd down work with Ivory while Yeldon takes passes. I expect F-Bomb ill be able to win that spot over Ivory at some point. So I would say take him, but draft Quiz later in the draft for the first few games.


I haven’t seen any indication that Fournette will be anything other than the lead back in Jacksonville. They didn’t waste their 4th overall pick to bury Fournette on the depth chart. In fact, if you look at the Jaguar’s official depth chart Fournette is already labeled the starter.


In a 14 man league, the positional scarcity of the running back position is only deepened. If Fournette is the top back on your board I think you take him in the second round and I’m actually pretty happy with that selection. There is certainly risk associated with the pick, but he should be one of the few workhorse backs in the league on a team on the come up that appears to be shifting to a more run heavy philosophy. He isn’t running behind Dallas’s offensive line, but that’s why he’s available in the 2nd round and isn’t being scooped up in the first. And as much as the line is talked down, profootball focus ranked the Jag’s line as the league’s 13th best unit, which really isn’t half bad.

Draft Fournette in the 2nd with confidence :+1:


Ivory and Yeldon are also labeled as the starter on the depth chart the team released.

I draft him with less confidence, but I am still taking him. Actually I am taking on the risk because if he hits I can keep him for next year. When I have no doubt he will be top 10. Also Zeke went that high because he was fast too. Fournette can’t take one to the house long yardage.


Interesting that’s the first I heard of that. Thanks for sharing! My interpretation would be they’re just saying Fournette isn’t going to be handed the job and they want the rookie to work for it, and I would still expect him to be the bellcow come game 1, but still it does prove the point that the situation requires some monitoring.


I guess my next question would be… Fournette or McCaffrey?


I think McCaffrey is over rated. He won’t get that backfield to himself. Fournette will eventually.


Appreciate the feedback. Whats your thoughts on Lamar Miller? I always felt he was overrated but now I’m starting to come around on his game film. Also that his price has dropped a little too.


I’m still not sure how to feel about Lamar Miller. I had him last year and he was definitely a disappointment, but I don’t put that on him, I put that on Brock just completely sucking and turning the offence into garbage. As such I don’t think the off-season narrative of “he can’t handle a full workload” is fair. I feel like Miller put up plenty of yardage; he just didn’t have many tds because that God awful offence wouldn’t put him in a position to score. I guess the question is: is that offence any better this season?



Miller was working against 8 men in the box for the majority of his touches. His YPC goes up this year. As a Texans guy, yes our offense is better. Miller will break for longer runs more this season. Warning though, the goal line is the Texan’s weakest spot, and that is why we drafted Foreman. I suspect he will be our goal line boy.

We have arguably the best defense in the NFL right now. So negative game scripts won’t be an issue. There will be plenty of carries for Miller. I feel like him, Gurley, and Fournette have similar ADP. He will have less risk, but he won’t have the upside of the other two.