I’m considering making a move for Leonard Fournette.

My RB corp: Zeke, Mixon, A. Jones, D. Cook (Foreman in reserve)
My WR corp: M. Thomas, AB and Amari Cooper

The guy that has Fournette is very high on Cooper. Does it seem possible to get Fournette for A.Jones or Mixon + Cooper? Or am I to optimistic?

If he’s that high on cooper then yeah it’s possible lol

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Personally I wouldn’t give up Jones for Fournette. But that’s just because I’d rather have the rb in the GB offense opposed to the JAX offense. This is a reasonable offer though if you’re that high on Fournette.

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I think its a fair trade offer but I’d rather have Jones as well. His schedule is way easier for RBs and he’s on a better offense.

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I have a offer now that is D. Cook, Cooper and Matt Ryan (I have Luck at QB). That sounds like a steal right?

MVS is on waivers in my league and I figure that he might be just as good a back-up to M.Thomas and AB as Cooper?

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Yeah, that deal I would take.

Whilst I do agree with this, I’d counter by pointing out that Fournette IS the JAX offense whereas GB have other options in the air.

I don’t think I’d give up Jones for Fournette either (I actually have both on my team), but I quite like the D. Cook counter offer.

Yeah, I don’t disagree there. I would just rather have the efficiency of the GB offense and the explosiveness of Jones (especially now that he’s being used in the passing game) opposed to Fournette. I’d put them close to one another though for sure.

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