Fournette missing practice Wednesday and Thursday

Anyone worried about Fournette missing practice two days this week or is this just the norm for him with the slight injury? If so should I more alex Collins in for him? Current team posted below.

I would wait and see. Collins is hard to sit right now though.

I just picked Collins up and starting him in flex this week

Missing practice again today (Friday) this isn’t feeling good.

sit fournette, have to ride collins this week. Nursing a quad and ankle injury, wouldnt want playoffs decided by a 0 cuz of injury. better safe than sorry.

That’s what I’ve been thinking all week Fournette could easily split time to relieve the injury with Yeldon probably. I need full court press this week.

or they might rest him all together and just roll ivory and yeldon this week like they did a couple weeks ago. just too iffy. cant risk it. collins has been a stud lately as well and should get plenty of touches against cleveland

Fournette is telling the press he is playing. I don’t think he’d be talking to the press if this was iffy. I’m setting and forgetting.

Espn app is projecting him at 0. Him playing and him playing enough to help my team are two different thing this week