Fournette offered to me! Help please!

I have two offers of my Crowell and Josh Gordon for his Fournette or Jay Ajayi for Fournette. The other team is the Fournette owner. Standard League 10-man.
My other RBs are Gurley, Conner, Michel, and K Johnson. WRs are M Thomas, Green, and Evans.

Thanks footclan!

It’s a personal thing, but I’m not a fan of this trade. I have no faith that Fournette will be back soon or will be good when he is. I stay away from risk like this. BUT, others may disagree. I’d look for someone else you can actually use. You’re not so desperate at the position you have to do it.

I wouldn’t take either offer. Fournette without Yeldon is not worth the risk. The fact that the other person came to you with the offers shows they want out.

not sure what your other wr’s are like, but you are already set at RB, so this be purely for the potential upside with fournette. gordon is a better guy to hold on to imo given the rest of your team than ajayi is, so i’d probably do the ajayi exchange. that’s a really good move that could pay off majorly starting in a few weeks.

Yeah I’d like to keep Gordon. I’m trying to think ahead to see what I will do if I lose Conner later on down the line when Bell returns. I’m good at WR with Josh gordon, Michael Thomas, AJ green, and Mike Evans. Just not sure if Ajayi will yield better than Fournette ROS or not.

After seeing NE and Gordon tonight I definitely want to keep him. And I feel like the hammy issue may be a buggaboo for Leo that lingers.