Fournette or Cook dynasty half ppr

Hi Guys

Would you prefer Fournette or Dalvin Cook plus a 2020 1st round pick?

I just got finished with a startup dynasty draft and trades offers have already started flying lol.

I have Fournette, Devonta Freeman, and Mark Ingram as my solid RB starters (I know, it’s not great. I’m not deep at rb at all)

I would do that almost even without the pick lol. Cook plays in a lot better offense and a 2020 first is going to be big with how talented the draft pool looks like already. Plus in dynasty, I don’t see Fournette’s future being all too bright. Many soft-tissue injuries and issues with the team etc.

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Cook. note even close. I’d take COok over Fournette alone. They guy giving up fournette should be giving the 2020 1st, not the other way around.

I’d smash accept before the guy realizes he misclicked. Probably meant to ask for your 2020 1st.

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you’re completely right! I mistyped. It is Fournette and the 2020 traded to receive Dalvin Cook

Depends on rest of your team comp and whether or not you think you’re a contender.

Personally i’m taking it no matter what cause Cook is my next guy pegged as breaking into the high tier by this time next year.

Whole team is pretty fine. I’m ok with it…

QB: Watson, Prescott, Carr
RB: Cook, Freeman, Ingram, Riddick, Ronald Jones, Damien Harris, Chris Thompson, Chase Edmonds, Ito Smith, and Armstead.
WR: OBJ, Evans, Pettis, Coutee, Amendola, Calloway, Zay Jones, Diontae Johnson, Chris Hogan, Tim Patrick, Dorsett, Chark, Corey Coleman and Mecole Hardmon
TE: Kittle, Herdon, Jarwin

I would go with Cook. Much better team. Both Fournette and Cook scare me with their fragility. But - I believe Cook has a higher potential.

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Take the deal. Your team is solid. Sidenote: Defenses in dynasty = :face_vomiting:

agreed… everyone was on board to dump kickers but a few still wanted defense lol. Already made the swap for Cook. Might try to see if I find some more durable backs since freeman is also a little iffy. Thanks for the help gents

cook side for me. just saw the pick was on the wrong side. i still like cook. maybe push the pick back for a 2nd?