Fournette or Crowell

Faced this issue in two leagues. Opinions?

Alright, cool, no one knows what to do with Fournette. Same here.

Man…this shouldn’t be a tough call, but it is, right?

Go with Fournette. I understand your hesitation, but he’s the more talented guy on the better team:

You have to go Fournette here I think. Too tough to sit him

Fornette if upside is needed… i expect clevland to be down all game so duke should be more involved

I will go Fournette if you feel he is really healthy.

Man, really no one on the Crowell train? Two solid back to back weeks and they plan to feed him the ball. The Jag’s run D is their weakest link. Fournette hates the cold and has a banged up ankle. A banged up ankle that caused him to put up a terrible week against LAC, giving up the 6th most fantasy points to RBs.

Winds are also around 20-25 mph so less passing. If only my teams with this dilemma weren’t on the fringe of playoffs.

It’s the Cleveland o line that I don’t like. They have looked better but have been struggling. I don’t think they do enough to help Crowell

Because of every single person saying Fournette, I’m going to go Fournette but until you all went that direction I had put Crowell in on both teams with this issue. We shall see! Thanks footclan!

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It’s a tough one, but Fournette (again, if healthy) is suppose to be better.
Good luck