Fournette or Kerryon and 1.07

Side A - Fournette

Side B - Kerryon and 1.07. (2019)

12 Team, Dynasty, Full PPR

Pfff not an easy call. If fournette stays healthy its fournette hands down imo.

But his health is the part that is insecure. And do you want to deal with it all the tims. During collage he was injured on and off so he is injury prone.

So not a bad offer cause fournette is not a safe call imo.

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I take Kerryon. I think he and Fournette will be a low end RB1 or mid level RB2.
Fournette is on a mediocre offense (limited TD upside), has health concerns, and team commitment issues. Lastly, he doesn’t catch the ball. But, he’s a great talent who can over come bad situations.
Kerryon is on a mediocre offense (limited TD upside), and has a some but minimal volume/time share issues. But, he does catch the ball, is a good player, and is safer.
I think Fournette has more of a volatile outlook, could be the #1 or could be a low end RB2 because of injury.
I think Kerryon’s ceiling is RB8ish but his floor is no lower than 15 (assuming health) because of his catching safety net.
So, I take the younger and safer option- Kerryon plus the 1.07.


Past performance is a great predictor of future success when coupled with opportunity. Kerryone can be great and has a big chance of being THE guy in what will be a BIG offense this year.

Fournette is an injury landmine who hasn’t proven he can keep the extra pounds off to be that top guy. Remember, 10-15 lbs have always been when keeps Fournette from being truly great. When he was smaller, he was awesome. I feel if he doesn’t have the dedication to work out how to keep his weight stabilized (seeing as he can easily hire a personal nutritionist/trainer if the NFL one isn’t working) then he doesn’t have the mental drive to be top tier.