Fournette or Murray? Full PPR

Fournette or Murray full PPR. Should Fournettes injury scare me? I’m currently projected to lose by 7 points.

I would start Murray.

The injury should scare you in comparison to Murray, who has the best matchup in the league against Buffalo and will be splitting touches with essentially nobody. Murray could and ought to have an enormous game.

Fournette is a must-start when he is playing unless you have someone in Murray’s situation who deserve to be started over a Questionable Fournette. It looks like Four will play, but I bet anything he’ll end up playing very little compared to Corey Grant (or Yeldon if he is able to play - also Questionable right now). I think Jax is just trying to make their opponents game prep all about stopping Fournette, but will end up shying away from playing him much unless he is really needed to help win the game. These RB injury games the teams all play these days are so awful for fantasy owners. Once fantasy gambling gets big enough, they’re going to have to change a lot of the league’s rules and enable much more transparency into what teams are doing. This will screw over Belicheck more than anybody, which I will not be unhappy about…