Fournette out, but do I play ivory?

Do I play ivory over Doug Martin or McKinnon?

I’m in a standard league and my matchup is very close this week

Wondering the same thing, except it’s Ivory or Mixon for me.

I think McKinnon is in a great spot against the Ravens, Vikes should get out to an early lead and give him a positive game script.

I’m wondering the same. Ivory or Martin?

I like Martin-He looks fast like he was a couple years ago and I think that suspension made him get his head straight-no football and contact with team can put things in perspective-

I like McKinnion also-

I’m leaning on McKinnon and Martin and leaving ivory on the bench so no one else can use him :grinning:

Saying that, ivory against the colts

If find a way if getting martin into my team. He’s scoring tds. He’s strong and he’s doing it in unfavourable match ups so seems like it will be him this week.


I picked up Ivory in one of my leagues and had to start him but that being said it is the Colts-