Fournette owner here

Just received a trade offer of Yeldon and John Brown for Carlos Hyde and Doug Baldwin.

Do I solidify the Jags backfield and hope Brown can keep producing with Joe?

Or do I keep the bigger names with Hyde’s high usage and a potential solid WR2 in Baldwin.

Standard scoring. Most of my players are hurt or major injury risks… ugh. Thanks everyone!

My team:
Stafford, Wilson

Gordon, Fournette, Hyde, Ajayi, Powell

Evans, Hilton, Baldwin, Lockett, Enunwa

I sympathize with you. Things could be worse: you could own Fournette AND Mixon, like me.

I don’t think it’s a terrible offer. Brown is very good and staying healthy so far. Without Fournette I think we’ll see a more wide-open offense from the Jags and that may get Yeldon some targets as well as carries. If it’s PPR or half-PPR, I might pull the trigger.

Since this is standard scoring its probably best to stay the course. Having Fournette’s back-up would be helpful for sure but the upside with Baldwin is more than Brown for sure and Yeldon Is basically a rental for the next few weeks.

At least Mixon is back! For now… The worst part about these injuries is they’re considered not serious but nagging which makes us so reluctant to start these guys when considered “healthy.”

Mine is a standard league. PPR would have made it easy…

While Mixon was out, I could keep him on IR. Now I can’t. And though it seems Fournette will be out for at least 2 weeks and maybe more, Yahoo won’t let me put him on IR. I guess the Jags are just keeping him as questionable and not OUT.

No way. Just play Gordon and Hyde.

I had mixon and he lost his IR spot but because of Bears being on Bye i’m leaving him in that spot and playing white just so i don’t have to drop anyone else till next week.