Fournette owner..need to pick up Yeldon

My only options to drop are Michel or Keenan Cole. I’m also trying to put together a trade for another solid running back but can’t afford to wait it out for one to go through. Thoughts?

Try to go through with a package trade. Maybe a 2 for 1 with someone in your league who needs bench depth. That will clear a space up for yeldon. I have fournette and Im going to add yeldon even if Fournette is good to go this week. Hamstrings linger and I have the bench space to do. Are you in a FAAB league or just a standings based waiver wire league?

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I just offered Fitzgerald and t. Coleman to the hunt owner so I’ll see how that plays out. It’s a standard waiver league so I’d like to add him as well due to the hammy but the only other options on my bench are Coleman, sanders, and Baldwin.