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Fournette owner


Would you drop Alfred Morris for yeldon?

I have: mixon, fournette, R freeman, Ingram, jones, kerryon, Barber, and Morris

Can’t drop a wr cuz I can only have 8 rbs
12 team STANDARD


Id probably keep morris. You have plenty of RB depth and it appears that the team is optimistic about the hammy and that its not a serious injury.


Keep Morris, more long term potential. Focus on improving another position. Think you are good on RB, maybe look for a trade :slight_smile:


Since you have depth, you should definitely drop Morris to get Yeldon. It’s not like you’d EVER start Morris, but if Fournette goes down, you’ll be prepared.


Wow 2 sides to it

I thought about a trade but i dont know who to target for wr. I have Devonta, Goodwin,Cole, Crowder, and Sutton

Remember it’s standard league


What Jones is it? Is it Ronald Jones? If it is I’m dropping him for Yeldon all day every day


Whoops completely forgot about Rojo lol he’s so irrelevant rn haha no Aaron jones from GB


Oh lol, yeah don’t drop him. I’d drop morris and get the backfield locked up in Jacksonville. But it’s all about what kind of fantasy player you are.


Haven’t your waivers processed already? Can you accept Yeldon for free?


That’s correct, I can get him for free right now cuz he’s sitting on the wire just a matter of who to drop. That’s why I’m here lol


So yeah, if I manage the Jaguars and I knew about the injury history that Leonard fournette has, I wouldn’t rush him back I would go with TJ Yeldon until I was sure that fournette was going to be healthy you as a fantasy owner need to have Yeldon on your team just ask any Le’Veon Bell on there this year about his handcuff.


Drop Morris imo


Lol that’s where I was leaning just wasn’t sure if Morris was worth the keep.

You’re right, Fournette is made of glass so it’s best to keep his back up


Thanks guys


If fournette was a QB he’d be protected from those mean defensive lineman and linebackers :joy: