Fournette Replacement Choice

I will probably have to plug in a replacement for Fornette this week. I am in a 2 point ppr. I have woods, Gillislee, or Powell to choose from my bench. Woods may offer the best upside because of targets he receives each week. Powell had good potential but now in a three way committee. Gillislee has similar problems in NE.

Can you all give me some help today.


Depends if you need safe or a high ceiling. Would say Gilly for Boom/Bust and Woods for safer floor. Not sure on Powell after Forte was good last week and off an injury.

I need a high ceiling because opponent ahead of me after Thursday night. Since my league is a two point PPR and woods is getting the most targets , leaning towards woods . Good luck

Ye didn’t realise 2PPR. Go woods is say. Hope that pays out.! Good luck