Fournette SUSpended 1 game

NFL is soooo inconsistent on their punishments. lol


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Lindsay got 1 game for accidentally hitting a guy at the bottom of a pile while trying to punch out the football. I’m surprised that fournette only got 1 game

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Well. Aj green and Ramsey last year only got ejected. Crabtree and Talib got 1 game but was worse than this. I thought lindsey didnt get suspended for that.

and that punch from lindsey was not accidental. He was repeatedly punching someone in that pile. ON PURPOSE…

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My bad, you’re right he only got ejected from that game.

As a Carlos Hyde owner this annoys me. Ban LF ROS!!!

It’s actually a good thing for Fantasy if you are already in the playoffs. He gets an extra week to rest. He could be Fantasy gold in RND 1. It also could force someone on the edge of getting in to waste their waiver on Hyde.

It’s only bad for those trying to get in or break a tie with points.

You should be banned for still having Hyde your roster. Kidding but seriously, He is worthless even with LF out. Can’t run inside and takes him 15 caries to get 5 yards.

Haha I know but it’s past our trade decline and I can’t drop him as the LF owner (a bitter rival of mine) would pick him up. Knowing my luck, he’d then go off if LF got injured again.

So out of pure spite, Hyde remains a main stay if my bench lol

Understand. Figured it was one of those deals. LF damn near wrecked my season but it actually worked out. Forced me to grab Chubb. I also have LF with fresh legs for RND 1. End of the day I’m probably in better shape with all of LF’s shenanigans.