Fournette to the Bucs

Looks like this is getting done. If he does sign, at what ADP are we taking him?

What do you think, 4th-6th? Will take time to acclimate but he’s a beast with great opportunity.

That’s around where I’m comfortable taking him… slotting him around Gurley/David Johnson/Melvin Gordon… but would love to hear your guys’ takes

He was already going in the 4th. I’d say 6th-8th round. Wet better competition at the position and Jones is the only guys whose been there. Have to think he gets a lot of touches. They also just signed McCoy and drafted a RB early. Could be a mess. I don’t want Fornette any earlier than round 7. I’d take an injured Montgomery over him.

wow, didn’t know all that, i’d definitely take fournette later in the draft then