Fournette trade help

Do I trade Amari Cooper and 1.08 for Fournette? I don’t have much RB depth and a lot at receiver. Also own the 1.01 and 1.07

In a vacuum based on what you posted I’d say it’s a good deal but I’d be interested to know who are your other RB and WR. Is your draft rookies only?

RB I have Crowell, Coleman and now Barkley… WR I have OBJ, Amari, ARob, Edelman, Marvin Jones, Crowder.

Our draft is just rookies

I think currently you have 5 legit starting WR and 1.5 RBs. I’d make that trade and then use the 1.07 to take best available player.


I agree with the above I would make the trade also

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Thanks y’all. I accepted the trade.

Glad you accepted it. Your team just got (potentially) way stronger. Nice!

Haha thanks man. Right now the team needs some QB and TE help but my main skill positions are set

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Not that you were asking, but kittle and Burton and Mcdonald for your te options. Two of those are likely available and all have big upside potential. then load up Eli to pair with whomever else you have. Not a sexy name but Eli has potential with his squad and should be very cheap to free.

Haha thanks. I’m looking for big potential at QB so I have Mariota and Mahomes currently. My only TE I have rostered is Eifert right now so that’s rough.


Your QBs are better than you may think. Maybe see where Jackson is going in rookie drafts.
TE has so few studs, comb the waivers. Is Virgil Green available? ASJ? Try to patch together 3 or 4 that will give options and then throw a dart in the 3rd round.

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I agree with @Boiler13 in that you are in a much stronger position that you might think at QB. I would be happy having those two and not worry until you see otherwise in season. They are both targets of mine for undervalued players at the moment.

@octoberland A nice update: I ended up trading Crowder to get David Njoku to sure up my TEs


Steal! Both trades will make you much stronger.

That is a good trade. Your te group just got stronger with a good lean into the future. I think that will be a help over time. Especially with how the Browns (favorite team) had been positioning themselves. He will be part of a potentially very dynamic offense moving forward.