Fournette Trade Offer, Thoughts?

.5 ppr - I’d give up Fournette and Godwin (or Kirk) for JuJu and Chris Thompson<----not big on Thompson so this seems a little steep for JuJu

RBs- McCaffrey, Breida, White, and Hill
WRs- Dorsett, Sutton, Djax


I wouldn’t. I think Godwin and JuJu are in the same tier: good talent but bad offense and poor QB play. Meanwhile, although I’m 100% in to sell Fournette and telling people to sell, a RB2 and WR2 for a WR2 and spot start Flex RB is bad value.
You need WR help and depth. I’d look to move Kirk and Fournette for a WR2/3 and RB with upside (Jacobs, Montgomery, Sanders, etc)

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What do you think about going after Jones with Kirk and Fournette? I basically got Sutton from the same member who has Jones for free, because I traded him AB and 10 FAAB.

Kirk and Fournette for Jones is good value. Fournette and Jones are similar in production but different in how they produce. Fournette gets great volume but is inefficient and has limited TD upside. Jones gets less volume but is efficient with it and had great TD upside playing with Rodgers. I think volume increasing for a talented RB is more likely than talent increasing for a volume RB.

That being said, you have 0 WRs outside of JuJu if you trade Kirk. Right now Kirk is getting double digit targets on a team with an awful defense and need to throw late in games. Dorsett is interesting with AB gone and Edelman dinged up; but, tough to trust. Sutton is irrelevant, #2 option of a terrible offense that is run first. And, Djax is hurt.
If you think you can ride the wave until DJax returns with just Dorsett, then do the trade. But, if Dorsett flops or gets hurt before DJax comes back, you’re in serious trouble.

Are you rostering 2 QBs, TEs, or Def? Or are the benches small?

1 QB, TE. DST. IDP, 5 Bench Spots. This was terribly voted on and I was not one to vote it this way. Chark is still on the waiver and I will lean towards getting him if I let go of Kirk. Chark gets the yardage and TDs.

Thoughts with Fournette and Kirk for Lindsay and Golladay?

No, I’d rather have Fournette over Lindsay and Kirk is close to Kenny G