Fournette trade value

Anyone trying to trade for fournette? Was just offered the below in 12 team PPR. As the yeldon owner I feel I almost have to take it. Mack coming back makes me nervous for hines

Hines + Corey Davis for fournette

My Rbs: yeldon, Clement, DJ, thompson
My Wr: diggs, Baldwin, j. Brown

Oh yes I hope you already clicked accept before he rescinds his offer! I would love to turn my Corey Davis and Hines into fournette, I’d rather give up Lamar miller and Corey Davis at this point but my fournette owner won’t budge. Maybe I should switch it to Hines. But being the Yeldon owner that really adds to the awesomeness for you. IMO.

Definitely accept. Unless you’re sitting at the bottom of the league with a bunch of guys on bye then this trade is a win