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Fournette trade


Mike Gillislee and Kenny Golladay for Leonard Fournette? I would be getting Fournette.


No brainer. Fournette is going to carry that offense. Jump on that trade.


If you were offered you already wasted too much time by posting this… if you’re offering then just be prepared to be laughed at is all.


Yeah get off here and go take it! lol


I already accepted the trade I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t being stupid


Good choice but next time if you want to make sure its a good choice maybe ask some people first b4 its already too late :smile:


You did the right thing tho in my opinion


Well yea I literally accepted it today so I could cancel still if I wanted to


Golladay will be hit or miss imo as will Gillislee… Fournette could legit finish as a top 5 back… and Sunday he crushed any worries people had about him by embarrassing a very goid Texans D… you made the right choice imo