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Fournette vs Hunt long term


Who do you like long term? I think both are talented for sure, but gotta choose one


I’m leaning Fournette but its a close call.


Actually thinking Hunt here!!! Fournette is magic…but…I don’t know…unless he’s pulling the ROOKIE MAGIC like Zeke was, (which is TOTALLY possible BUT RARE) just not sure about Leonard just yet. Just got a feeling Fournette is gonna be “next year’s” BIG GUY!!!


I think you may be right. I think thats what the unsure feeling I had was.


Actually thinking Hunt here!!! Fournette is magic…but…I don’t know…unless he’s rooking MAGIC like Zeke was, just not sure about Leonard just yet.


Geez. Sorry Amashhadi. Can’t understand why this posted twice!! But…hey…great minds think alike. Good luck my friend. We’ll see what happens here!!!


I definitely love both long term. Ware is kind of worrisome if he ends up coming back I feel like they may split more that Fournette will.


its hunt for me, but its close. it comes down to a few things. fournette is the better RB, but i do believe hunt is a better catcher, in a better system. andy reid just signed a 5 year extension with the chiefs, which means since he hand selected hunt, he will be around and be the feature guy there for 5 years (barring injuries). fournette is in the same kind of spot, just a much worse team. plus, he does have a higher injury concern. other plus side, hunt does not fumble the ball. and if you know anything about reid, he hates turnovers. put all that together with pat mahomes at QB next year, and you have a potentially prolific offense, that will center around keeping a steady run game. long term, its hunt. and short term too i think.


So I have first pick would you take Hunt over Fournette? What about Howard, who I don’t trust that offense to give him chances. My scoring is TD heavy.


i honestly would. and its weird to say that, because just last week i was singing his praises as the number 1 overall rookie pick. but now, with what i know, it has changed to hunt. better health, better system, better team… AND he is still a feature back like fournette. who can catch the ball, in a catching system. people will probably say thats a reach to get him at number 1, but in this game you have to have foresight. and mine is telling me that hunt will have a better career. it was already telling me that before. but i figured after this year. 1 little injury changed all of that.


Geeze Buster, I think you have talked me into it. Not that it took much, ha. My worry is that Fournette turns into Peterson and stupid me passed on him. I mean in the draft tonight we have 3 keepers and it’s 12 teams so I’m really getting him at 4.01 so I feel like either is a good deal, but I def agree that he is in a better situation.


Here is the beauty of fantasy football. It very well could turn into fournette is a Peterson type player. He could tear the NFL apart with power and speed thst hasn’t been seen since… Well zeke haha. His breakneck way of runninh the ball and his willingness, nay his WANT to make contact means he is always driving for those extra yards we all want so much. But like I said the beauty of fantasy football is… he could also turn into a… let’s say Carlos Hyde. Good runner, always making plays… Can’t stay healthy. I just see hunt in a better spot while healthy and takes care of the ball. He can still lower that boom but his real bread and butter is taking a hit and keeping hos balance. Think marshawn lynch lite. But yeah, that’s just my opinion.