Fournette will NOT play 16

I’ve been seeing a lot of people pointing out his great numbers through 13 games and want to extrapolate that out to 16. His ankles are a problem, they have been a problem since LSU. I’d be open to anyone trying to prove me wrong but you probably won’t.


This isn’t taking away from the fact that he’s a great running back and would love to have him on my nfl team and my fantasy team

same issues with gronk and injury, bell and injury with suspention concerns, keenan allen and other top flight guys. the extrapolations are so you can get a better idea of his per game value. but fact is, there are plenty of people who will get hurt, plenty of people with injury concerns, but you take the players that can help you win games as much as possible. its like julio jones, you worry about it, but chances are he is going to line up and play the vast majority of games. he hasnt broken anything, just bruises and sprains the last 2 years. so its worth the risk. thats just IMO.

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this isn’t my advocating for the fact that he is over-valued, which is what it sounds like you think I’m saying, but I’m just saying there’s no way he’s 100% for anything other than 1 game this year. And he’ll probably miss a game or two, something that not everyone might know about him if you haven’t had him on a team of yours

oh i know, i was just pointing out that there are other people with injury concerns, but we ignore that for the big games and big plays. i dont think anyone can argue that fournette is going to stay healthy. its just risk vs reward. thats all i was pointing out. i will say he is healthier than people think, the bad part is its usually ankle or foot, which isnt ideal for an RB. i was mostly just clarifying for anyone that did happen to read this.

Word I feel that

I think he is more capable of playing 16 this year than last year

currently at 223 pounds was up at 240 prior

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Did something about it this offseason in terms of his weight, I Totally Agree he’s capable of the Full 16.

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How are we supposed to prove you wrong on something that may or may not happen in the future? Looks like you are just looking for an argument with your mind made up and not caring about any other point of view besides your own.


If someone wants to go extreme aversion to players with injury concerns then they would not draft Fournette. I am one of those people. I had him last year and had to keep his handcuff every week out of fear. It paid off but when I see him, I see him taking up two roster spots due to his historical injury concern.

I didn’t even want him but there was nobody else available due to a 3 keeper league and I had no RB’s of value to keep. There is also no value in keeping him this year because his price is almost identical to his rookie year, about $30 give or take.

I’m letting someone else grab him. What I would do get his handcuff and sitback and wait like a vulture.

leonard fournette victory lap*

hey look at that fournette is a liability, who would’ve ever seen that coming

oh how the turn tables