Fourth Keeper Question

My Keepers are as follows:

  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Derrick Henry
  3. Cam Akers

I’m looking for who my fourth keeper should be between Brandon Aiyuk, Chase Claypool or Mark Andrews.

Full Point PPR

I would lean Aiyuk. To me it’s him or Andrews. Claypool doesn’t hold as much value in full PPR.

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I agree with @ben_jamin627, except I am on the Mapletron train.

I would go with Aiyuk as I fully believe he can take over as the WR1. Aiyuk filled in nicely as the WR1 while Samuel was out and SF gave him the ball in multiple different ways. Samuel is a great WR but his issue is availability right now.

The argument I have for Mapletron is he has immense upside with the ability to get double digit tubbies plus over 1,000 yards.

Andrews may get double digit TDs but he isnt going to see any where close to the volume Claypool will. In addition, BAL added more weapons for Lamar to throw too.

Overall, I think Aiyuk is the way to go.

I would go with Brandon Aiyuk