Fourth Pick in a .5 PPR Re-Draft League

I have the 4th pick and most people would take Brown here, but I’m noticing there are not many good RB for my 2nd pick. If Zeek doesn’t get suspended, should I take Brown or a RB like McCoy?

I wouldn’t fault you for taking Shady…but Brown is probably the most bust-proof 1st rounder. DJ has worries about being overworked, minor injury at the end of the year. Bell has, injury, suspension, holdout concerns. Zeke has a looming suspension. Brown is nothing but guaranteed elite production. Shoot, he might not even be there for you to pick.

Agree with Rob. Of all the people in the first round, I love ab the most. I as well would not fault you for taking shady, but you will have the same issue in reverse, what good wr is there in reverse at the 2.08? (or 2.06 depending on if it’s 12 man or not) I mean if it is 10 man then its easier for the most part. For me it’s always go as bust proof as you can in the first 3 rounds. After that you start taking your risks.

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