Fp ppr flex

G. Tate
J. Williams
M. Jones jr.
S. Watkins
Desean Jackson

Jackson 90%, Tate 10%

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Thanks bro. I just saw this. I actually ended up starting with Tate, but just decided to flip it again for J. Williams lol. That time share is no prob in GB. They both git bizy :sweat_smile:

Wish me luck!

@damian I have another league. What do you think about:

M. Jones jr. @OAK
J. Williams @LAC

Basically how do you feel personally about starting a #2 WR vs a #2 RB at FLEX?

I know it’s not as simple as that. But both teams have reletively favorable matchups on offenses that can distribute production. What’s your opinion?

I think Williams is safer, but Jones can explode on a good day. What do you need- a safe play or a shot at something big because you’re trailing in projection?

That’s kind of how I look at that argument in general- who will get more touches on average, and what do I need.

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Well here’s a little context:

I’m all in on the GB RB timeshare. I have Jones and Williams. That stack works. Both RBs will be involved and even a little regression for either isn’t bad enough to get a bad game out of it; usually. And this is another great matchup. The duo has won me games.

As you can tell I’m leaning. DET still has a decent secondary. If they can limit Carr’s opportunities, DET may not need a hypothetical blow up game from Jones. And though he is explosive he takes an obvious back seat to Golladay in that offense.

But, that potential monster game from Jones gets me all freaked out because he was on my bench when he snagged 4 TDs.
"… the horror…
the horror …

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